26 keys, a personal map of life cycles: 200   

The other development that occurred last year which is now transforming my work was the completion of a project I began 10 years ago. Basically, this was in part a significant point in my own personal exploration and the gradual recording of that in my diaries followed by the encoding of that experience in a database. It was always my intention to use this database as the raw material for a book on the magic of astrology. However over the course of keeping my diaries and building up this data structure, I came across several other uses for the material, one of which I gradually began incorporating into every astral vision I was writing. Basically I designed a number of tools which, when used, bring astrological meanings to life in our awareness. I call them tools even though they are presented as a written document because they are designed to be *used*, either independently or together. These tools utilise the symbolic language of astrology to reveal the pattern of time. They show the blueprint of our life experiences as time flows and we go through cycles of experience. They reveal, for example, the cycles of material security and lack, the cycles affecting our moods and feelings, the cycles affecting our karmic encounters with others, in fact the cycles shaping our lives in every way. These tools basically reveal to us the main astrological effects we are experiencing at any point in our life, whether that is in the past, present or future. There are 26 keys, presented in a written report, each pertaining to a different aspect of human experience. Each key covers the area it concerns for 80-100 years of life.

Only my most recent astral vision has received all 26 keys. Previous recipients of astral visions have received none, a few, or several, depending on how long ago they were written. However the keys have greatly expanded over the years with every vision that I have undertaken, until finally last year my work with them reached a natural conclusion.

Now that I have reached this point, I would now like to offer the tools to everyone. They will be especially useful to people who have astral visions as they are designed to complement them and bring them to life, but they are useful even if you know nothing about astrology. If you are interested in a serious study of astrology, or just curious enough to read those damn horoscopes every day, what you will find in these tools is a personalised 'book of life' that provides a perpetual map of essential meanings that you can use to move in harmony and balance with the ever changing universe. You will be able to make your own astrological forecasts. This is important because YOU are the expert on your life, not an astrologer or anyone else. When people turn to outside or 'experts' for answers they too often lose sight of their own wisdom. These tools put people back where they belong, at the centre of life, and allow more meaningful choices to be made.

The 26 keys take me about 1-2 weeks to produce and are purchased together for 200, which is half the current fee for an astral vision. However if I write an astral vision for you, the 26 keys are included without any additional cost added to the money for the astral vision.

The 12 Temple Keys

Temple Key 1: Temple of Being

Temple Key 2: Temple of Acquisition

Temple Key 3: Temple of Thought

Temple Key 4: Temple of Memory

Temple Key 5: Temple of Joy

Temple Key 6: Temple of Purification

Temple Key 7: Temple of Partnership

Temple Key 8: Temple of Release

Temple Key 9: Temple of Revelation

Temple Key 10: Temple of Destiny

Temple Key 11: Temple of Society

Temple Key 12: Temple of Undoing

The 14 Planet Keys

Planet Key 1: Solar Map (perpetual annular map of the Suns activation of the chart)

Planet Key 2: Rising Sign (supplement of Key to Being)

Planet Key 3: Moon Key (personal activations of lunar principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 4: Mercury Key (personal activations of Mercury principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 5: Venus Key (personal activations of Venus principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 6: Sun Key (personal activations of Sun principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 7: Mars Key (personal activations of Mars principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 8: Jupiter Key (personal activations of Jupiter principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 9: Saturn Key (personal activations of Saturn principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 10: Uranus Key (personal activations of Uranus principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 11: Neptune Key (personal activations of Neptune principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 12: Pluto Key (personal activations of Pluto principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 13: Chiron Key (personal activations of Chiron principle for 100 years)

Planet Key 14: Midheaven Key (supplement of Key to Destiny)

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If you have any questions about any of this, please write to me directly.

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