Ordering the Raw Material of Your 26 Keys

If you have a copy of my book "The 26 Keys" and would like to order the calculation of your 26 keys from me rather than calculate them yourself, please write to me by clicking here. State the name, birth time, birth place, birth day and year for which the keys are to be created in your message. Please use the actual time on the clock at the moment given for your birth and not any adjusted time. I will send you an invoice through Paypal for the amount of 15 and all 26 keys will then be sent to the return address for your message. I cannot guarantee a time frame for delivery between payment and receipt of your keys because it depends on how many orders I have received but I will aim to fulfill all orders within 2 weeks. If there is a delay expected I will contact you before issuing the invoice.

Additionally, if you want to order a 12 month series of Magnetic conductors for your keys, you can do so in the same way, remembering to specify all your birth details and additionally to state the 12 month period you want to have the conductors for. The cost for this service is 10 and depending on the demands on my time I will aim to send it within a week.

These services are offered to people who want to engage as soon as possible with the practice described in "The 26 Keys".

Finally, if you have any questions about the book or you would like to share your experience with me or others, you can write to me personally or join the Facebook group for The 26 Keys. Hope to hear from you!


Other Services

It's been some years since I made the last addition to my pages on astrology at www.astralvisions.de. I've been kept busy in that time and have completed many personal visions for people, growing myself, my understanding of astrology and astral visions itself in the process. This has left me with very little time to update the website. This is now about to change as I am not only going to be making a change in my terms of service, I will also be combining astral visions with Rawn's website, A Bardon Companion. This is such a natural progression it hardly needs any explaining. A Bardon Companion and astral visions have always ultimately been of one mind, as Rawn and I have been. What do need explaining are the new services I am introducing to astral visions.

Phone Consultation: 30 per hour   [Click here for more info!]
26 keys, a personal map of life cycles: 200   [Click here for more info!]
Astral Vision including 26 keys: 400   [Click here for more info!]

If you have any questions about any of this, please write to me directly.