Phone Consultation: 30 per hour

Back in the spring of last year, I started to make calls out to people whom I had created astral visions for in the past, seeking to reach out more directly to people for feedback and to free up the channels of communication. Writing an astral vision is a long, isolated and extremely involving process of intense work, but the limitations of the written word (and my time and energy) and the scope of the concepts presented in astrology have always meant that far less was said than could be said. Furthermore, astrology is a living thing in every sense, it is about the intelligence of life, it is living and alive itself, and like all living things, it never rests but continually adapts and evolves. Our birth astrology adapts to the situations and environments we find ourselves in, and, like all living things, it moves through time and space. It is never static, and a written report on it will always grapple with this limitation. So, to break free a little of this and experiment with a new model of communicating the essential meaning of astrology, I started making phone calls and discussing charts that way. This proved to be effective especially when it involved someone who had previously received an astral vision or who understood astrology from their own studies. Connections were made which would never have been made otherwise, because as I said astrology is a living thing and its aliveness is energised by human beings. Working this way also allowed me to address many more questions directly than I was previously able to through email correspondence. Often I would spend days just responding to written correspondence; now I could answer many complex questions in a fraction of the time. I was able to broaden the scope of my work and offer relationship analysis, location analysis, and other things I simply had no time for in writing. Even more importantly I could do far more in putting the message of astrology across to more people in less time. Some people don't need in-depth reports that run on for hundreds of pages, they just want a little perspective.

So I am now offering this service to everyone, not just previous recipients of an astral vision. If you have never had a birth chart calculated, I will do so for you and arrange a time to call you to discuss it on the phone. I can do this no matter where you are located and I can also afford to call a mobile phone if necessary. If you have any specific questions you want to put to me which you feel astrology will help you with, this is also now possible. If you have previously received an astral vision from me, or have consulted astrologers or astrology before and would like to discuss this further, I am also making myself available. If you have never been to an astrologer and just want advice on something specific, such as your compatibility with someone else, or trends for a certain time ahead of you, I am also making myself available for advice. The fee for this service is 30 an hour, no matter where you are, with a minimum fee of 30. This covers only the time of the call, I will not be charging for time I spend studying the matter before making the call. To book this service, you must submit your query to me and if I agree to do the work a time will be mutually arranged for me to call you.

All payments can now be made via A Bardon Companion (using the "Buy Now" button above) or directly to me through PayPal using my email address:

If you have any questions about any of this, please write to me directly.

Thanks for your time,