Astral Vision including 26 keys: 400

An astral vision is approximately 200 pages in length, and comes with copies of the charts used in its writing. Following the explanation below is a general list of content.

An astral vision begins in my mind after study of and reflection on a birth chart. A base report is compiled, drawing from a database of my own writing that has evolved gradually through my experiential study of astrology, and this mass is then systematically refined personally by me to ensure that each vision is totally unique and reflects the values of the service - to provide a truly personalised, friendly, and intimate guide in the search for self knowledge and the comprehension of the essential meaning of astrological effects. The entire process takes about 2-3 weeks of solid work, sometimes longer.

In my refinement and synthesis of the vision I make four passes of the compiled information, refining it and adding a new layer each time. I precede each of these layers with various forms of work with the chart which gradually adjust my perceptions to those of the horoscope. I combine a form of astrology (a mix of ancient and modern approaches) with daily meditation and other techniques to perceive the patterns at work in your life; my vision is a portrait of energy much like a dream which can be described by a musicians or artists expression of it. The only difference is that in my work with an astral vision I am fully conscious as I work on 'dreaming' my way into your birth chart, and I work with objectively real personas, not fictional ones, so there is an objective truth to apprehend in the process, it is not a work purely of the imagination, although my imagination is applied at every step of the journey as one pathway to the objective reality. I carry the matrix of your birth chart with me in heart and mind as I go about my own daily business, viewing the events of my life through your 'lens' at times, but it is my tool and thus I experience it objectively - I can switch freely back and forth between my own personal and individual perspective, and the perspective represented in your chart. I can separate and combine and move between my own perspective, and yours. I explore this process, relating both perspectives not only to one another but also to the ever changing field of astrological meaning (the current planetary influences) until it feels right, and the two perspectives coalesce into the vision. It is a vision quest for the heart of things. From there I work with your energies to bring them into conscious communication, via writing.

This is an important point to understand, as even though I eventually attain an objective perception of the chart, my own personal perspective still finds its way into the vision, as it does for any artist and their creations. It is in the words I find within *me* to communicate what I perceive about *you*. Yet, at a certain stage, my words choose themselves.

Perhaps it may help you to understand this process by giving an analogy. Many people may have heard fiction writers describing a point in their writing when the story or the characters they have created seem to come to life and in effect dictate their own destinies and actions. The author becomes a channel for enlivened archetypes, a personality which dictates its own destiny, an intelligence which objectively exists somewhat independently of the author as a condensed thought-form on the astral and mental planes. This is similar to how I work, except I work with the story of your life, which is an already existing objective pattern symbolically embedded in the design of the horoscope wheel. The entire story is already told before I even conceive of it, and is embedded in astrological code. At a certain point in my work with decoding it, it comes alive for me and from there on in, it informs and instructs me of its own accord.

The information is then organized under the headings of planets and points arranged in an order from the most proximate to our Earthly sphere, to the most remote, i.e. in an ascending order of subtlety and universality - the most personal influences present themselves first, leading up to the most general, so that by the end of the report, influences which cover entire generations are described. On the final pass of the material, 26 keys are added to the vision, which show how the properties of the chart evolve through time, allowing you to make your own astrological forecasts for the rest of your life. These 26 keys allow you to get as much out of the vision as you are prepared to put in - they bring it to life in your hands.

Astrology is essentially a language, the script of consciousness - a symbolic representation of energy relationships and dynamics. In essence, I am a translator of this cosmic language. Like all humans I make errors and my use of words to describe energies is approximate and limiting at best. Furthermore, astrology is full of terms which can confuse and bewilder the mind ('astrobabble') and is a complex and vast field of study which not only encourages but requires an individual response from every astrologer. All these factors can become noise effects which distort communication. In order to understand an astral vision and counteract some of this potential it is necessary to explain something about astrology as well as my approach to it.

Each of the planets has dominion or rulership over a set of analogies which extend from its essential meaning and allow it to take form in human senses, much like the different colours in a rainbow manifest a prism of clear light. For instance, Neptunes 'rainbow' governs the oceans, meditation, confusion, hysteria, floods, music, unconditional love or universal empathy, dreams, drugs, viral epidemics, the mass unconscious and transcendence from the ego. This represents a wide range of different 'bands' of expression through which Neptune energy can potentially express its essential meaning in both the creative and destructive poles. Note that both of these poles are always present in every manifestation of Neptune, no value judgments can be made about planetary principles being more or less 'material' or 'spiritual' - for example, drugs can have both constructive and destructive effects, as can unconditional love and meditation for example. The level of objective clarity or 'rate of vibration' at which Neptune or any astrological power manifests depends upon one thing - the overall level of consciousness and spiritual awareness that is present in you, the forum through which the energies move, and the choices you make with that awareness.

Another way of seeing our astrology is as a birthday cake made of several layers - the physical, emotional, mental and universal - through which each planet reveals its particular analogies when, like a knife cut through the middle, our consciousness interacts with it. When we approach life on a purely material level, without much awareness of the intangible, we manifest the grossest forms of the planetary energies and only slice through the top part of the cake. Furthermore, we are more easily entangled in the planets affairs, like the mortals of Ancient Greece being caught up in momentous material games, the sport of the Gods. Things are 'heavier'. But when we have begun to realise our true potential we actualise the essential nature of the planets more completely, and a very different set of qualities takes over. We cut into the energies deeper, and they in turn flow through us more completely. At the base of the cake, we have access to all the levels as a Unified Self and we find the meaning of things in the One supreme consciousness - the whole of the cake. We know that buried in the cake, at every layer, an infinite cornucopia of exotic fruits lies hidden, and we dive into our undiscovered universe of potentials with great joy.

The astral visions report looks into these hidden potentials within us.  For those who wish only to know about the psychological dimensions of their charts, there is a great deal to digest, but those who journey beyond psychology will find that an astral vision is also an invaluable tool in the work of self realisation on all levels.

The confines or boundaries and form of the horoscope we are born into are much like a baby's cot.  This metaphor explains why the charts of 'saints', 'adepts' ' masters' and 'wise' people do not fully describe them - they have transcended it by cutting through to the centre of all, where astrological effects do not apply; their identity is merged with Unity, in the material experience they are merged with the astrological energies in the now at their fullest and are thus consciously engaged in dancing with the Universe at all times, expressing the true essential nature of the planets as they wander through the macrocosm by keeping time and rhythm with them and consciously, magically weaving them into their individual experiences. When we are born into this physical universe the horoscope describes our world view, the outer boundaries of our 'baby cot', a construct of our perceptions that both defines and confines us. As we grow into children, it is further shaped by our individual experiences, we become aware of the space beyond our cots, the world of our family, and try to climb out. During adolescence, we explore the room and house into which we have been born (our parents environment), and then soon we are flying out of the door eager to begin our exploration of the greater world. Beyond this point, the possibilities are literally limitless, for the essence of the universe is infinite; but, if we still carry the essential perspective of the babies cot within us, (our original horoscope), then we will perceive that environment everywhere we go, repeating those patterns again and again, only breaking free of them when we realise that we are, as children of the universe, also infinite and ultimately truly free. Those 'enlightened' to these universal truths have learned to transcend the birth chart, because it symbolises the ego personality or lower self of the personality and individuality. They have learned that just as the physical body is a vehicle for the ensoulment of the personality, the finer substance of the spirit is in turn sheathed in the personality, that there is an eternal Greater Self expressing itself through the matrix connecting it to the spirit of individual incarnations, and that this Greater Self is itself part of the ultimate One Self, the true and ultimate Self, which is immortal, omnipotent, omniscient and everloving. This understanding goes beyond intellectual comprehension and becomes the way of life and it is this which transforms and releases all the planetary potential. These individuals are still bound by the universal laws, still influenced by astrological influences, however they have raised their conscious awareness of being to the point where their astrology is their tool, and so a different way of looking at the horoscope is necessary. In these cases, it shows something very different indeed! It is full of stars.

In essence, an astral vision is a toolkit that applies hermetic and esoteric understanding of the cosmos and consciousness to the birth chart.  Esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is 'secret' or 'hidden', sometimes kept by the ancient mystery schools (such as those at Hermopolis, Heliopolis, Dodona, Delphi, and others, much more ancient and now completely forgotten), yet sensed by all. It was kept 'secret' by human nature itself, because the general populace were not ready for it (in these times, which includes ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and other civilisations, even the act of being able to read, add up and count was considered magic by most who lived). Such knowledge relates to the spirit of mankind and its relationship to the Universe.  It is a 'knowledge' that we have been moving away from, and are returning to, in other words, earlier forms of humanity were more in harmony with nature, the planet, and the Sun, Moon and stars. This connection was never lost but it was abandoned and the result is the great threat we pose not only to ourselves but to the other peoples living with us on this planet, the plants, animals, elementals and countless other beings we both largely ignore or do not observe.

I state that the true message of astrology is that of the unified interconnectedness and interdependence of all life, matter, and energy, and that there is therefore no limit to the potential of consciousness. Life Is. Charts do not condemn us to an inescapable fate, they merely reflect in a synchronistic way, through planetary positions, what we see of the infinite from the centre of our universe, about ourselves and by extension the world. It is us alone who have the power to alter our lives, to work with all the power of the essential meaning of the Universe, for we may choose how to respond at all times to whatever life events occur. Once we realize this, we have the opportunity to change the thoughts that give rise to negative experiences in life, and, ultimately, learn that since all creation is interlinked, loving compassion for all is the only logical, sane approach to living. Our task then becomes a continual self transformation into greater identity and consciousness, the continued refinement of the expression of this infinite flow with the Universe.

It is the hope and aim of astral visions to be your friend in this process of realization, a companion on your unique and individual journey. The ultimate purpose of an astral vision is to give encouragement, illuminate the path and the central truth of ones life experiences, and empower individuals to see themselves in a refreshing new light - as unique, eternal, and beautiful as the stars themselves. Fate and free will are interchangeable; they cannot exist without one another. Comprehension of this is necessary in order to realise how astrology actually works. It is the premise of astral visions that it is the destiny of each of us to exercise our free will, and that as the children of a unified Universe we are given the central position over our own lives, to create or destroy as we see fit using the powers of our own being, whether that be for 'good' or 'ill'.  The purpose of natal astrology is to reveal to us those aspects of our journey which we need to be more aware of or which we can use to a greater effect, and ultimately to awaken us to our cosmic origins and nature.

Contents List

About Astral Visions (copy of the above text as introduction)

Advice from past recipients

Background Information

Balance of Elements

Balance of Signs

Balance of Modes

Balance of Temples

Balance of Quadrants

Balance of Hemispheres

Balance of Rays

Lunar Phase

Venus Phase

The 12 Temples with their Keys

Temple Key 1: Temple of Being

Temple Key 2: Temple of Acquisition

Temple Key 3: Temple of Thought

Temple Key 4: Temple of Memory

Temple Key 5: Temple of Joy

Temple Key 6: Temple of Purification

Temple Key 7: Temple of Partnership

Temple Key 8: Temple of Release

Temple Key 9: Temple of Revelation

Temple Key 10: Temple of Destiny

Temple Key 11: Temple of Society

Temple Key 12: Temple of Undoing

Highlights of the 12 Temples


Introduction & Explanation

Planet Key 1: Solar Map (perpetual annular map of the Suns activation of the chart)

Rising Sign (self identity & the physical body)

Planet Key 2: Rising Sign (supplement of Key to Being)

Aspects of Rising Sign (integration of Rising Sign with the whole self)

Luna (including geoastrological plotting of the lunar energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Moon (integration of Moon with the whole self)

Planet Key 3: Moon Key (personal activations of lunar principle for 100 years)

Mercury (including geoastrological plotting of the Mercurial energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Mercury (integration of Mercury with the whole self)

Planet Key 4: Mercury Key (personal activations of Mercury principle for 100 years)

Venus (including geoastrological plotting of the Venusian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Venus (integration of Venus with the whole self)

Planet Key 5: Venus Key (personal activations of Venus principle for 100 years)

Sol ((including geoastrological plotting of the Solar energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Sol (integration of Sun with the whole self)

Planet Key 6: Sun Key (personal activations of Sun principle for 100 years)

Mars (including geoastrological plotting of the Martian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Mars (integration of Mars with the whole self)

Planet Key 7: Mars Key (personal activations of Mars principle for 100 years)

Jupiter (including geoastrological plotting of the Jovian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Jupiter (integration of Jupiter with the whole self)

Planet Key 8: Jupiter Key (personal activations of Jupiter principle for 100 years)

Saturn (including geoastrological plotting of the Saturnian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Saturn (integration of Saturn with the whole self)

Planet Key 9: Saturn Key (personal activations of Saturn principle for 100 years)

Uranus (including geoastrological plotting of the Uranian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Uranus (integration of Uranus with the whole self)

Planet Key 10: Uranus Key (personal activations of Uranus principle for 100 years)

Neptune (including geoastrological plotting of the Neptunian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Neptune (integration of Neptune with the whole self)

Planet Key 11: Neptune Key (personal activations of Neptune principle for 100 years)

Pluto (including geoastrological plotting of the Plutonian energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Pluto (integration of Pluto with the whole self)

Planet Key 12: Pluto Key (personal activations of Pluto principle for 100 years)

Chiron (including geoastrological plotting of the Chironic energies around the Earth)

Aspects of Chiron (integration of Chiron with the whole self)

Planet Key 13: Chiron Key (personal activations of Chiron principle for 100 years)

Midheaven (Awareness of Significance)

Aspects of Midheaven (integration of Midheaven with the whole self)

Planet Key 14: Midheaven Key (supplement of Key to Destiny)

Dragons Head (including geoastrological plotting of the Draconian energies around the Earth)

Intended overall purpose of incarnation

Aspects of Dragons Head (integration of overall purpose with personality)

Dragons Tail (including geoastrological plotting of the Draconian energies around the Earth)

Atonement of karmic duties to self

Aspects of Dragons Tail (integration of necessary karmic duties with self awareness)


Other Arabic Parts

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