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You will hear a continuous loop of Rawn Clark
chanting the IHVH-ADNI canticle.

The magic of IHVH ADNI --

This is the magic of combining IHVH with ADNI as I know it and practice it.  I learned this magic from one whose name will forever be unspoken.  After 10 years of practice, I have been granted the words to tell you of this sacred magic.  But instead of telling it as I learned it, I will tell it as I have come to understand it  -- I will tell it with my own words and in my own way.

(Ani - Yod Heh Vav Heh  Adonai - Ribbono Shel Olam - Amen)

[Click here to download an .MP3 audio file of Rawn Clark speaking the IHVH-ADNI Canticle.]

The Magic of IHVH-ADNI
Recorded Audio Lessons for Downloading
Lesson One: Pronunciation, Tonality and Rhythm
Run Time:  08:34          File Size:  5 mb

Lesson Two: Three-Part Magical Speech
Run Time:  09:33          File Size:  5.5 mb

Lesson Three: Energetics
Run Time:  17:01          File Size:  9.8 mb

Lesson Four: Applications
Run Time:  18:39          File Size:  10.6 mb

Lesson Five: Creating a Triple Shield
Run Time:  15:14          File Size:  8.7 mb

Lesson Six: Consciousness Raising
Run Time:  21:14          File Size:  12.1 mb

Lesson Seven: Setting the Tone of the Temporal Moment  >> New! <<
Introduction -- Run Time:  19:21  File Size:  11 mb
Practice -- Run Time:  23:17  File Size:  13.3 mb

Lesson Eight: Healing From Afar  >> New! <<
Introduction -- Run Time:  01:50  File Size:  1.05 mb
Practice -- Run Time:  12:25  File Size:  7.1 mb

Lesson Nine: The Blessing of IHVH-ADNI  >> New! <<
Introduction -- Run Time:  04:45  File Size:  2.71 mb
Practice -- Run Time:  17:55  File Size:  10.2 mb

Begin by situating yourself comfortably in a space where you are certain you will not be disturbed.  Completely relax your body and develop a steady, deep breathing rhythm.  Raise your thoughts to your Kether, inhale a breath, and with the exhale, speak the word ANI ("I am").  Prolong the Yod till your entire breath is spent.  As you speak, visualize your Kether coming to life as a brilliant white sphere hovering just above the crown of your head.

With your next inhale, gather the Kethric Light.  As you exhale, speak the words "Yod Heh Vav Heh" and project the Kethric Light downward.  Use one quarter of your breath for each letter name, so that the final "Heh" spends the last of your air.  As you speak the "Yod", project the Kethric Light down to your left temple and form there a sphere of luminous gray.  Let this be your Chokmah and let it penetrate into the left side of your skull.

As you speak the first "Heh", project the Kethric Light from Chokmah, over to your right temple and form there a sphere of obsidian blackness.  Let this be your Binah and let it penetrate into the right side of  your skull.

As you speak the "Vav", project the Kethric Light down from Binah, to your solar plexus and form there a radiant sphere of golden-yellow.  Let this be your Tiphareth and let it fill your chest.

As you speak the final "Heh", project the Kethric Light down from Tiphareth, to a point just below the arches of your feet (or if seated, to just below the tip of your spine) and form there an opaque sphere of olive-green.  Let this be your Malkuth and let it encompass both your feet (or if seated, the coccyx and anus without including the sexual organs).

With your next inhale, return to your Kether and gather the Kethric Light, and as you exhale, speak the word ADNI ("ahh-don-eye").  Use your entire breath in the forceful utterance of this single word, prolonging the final Yod as necessary.

As you speak the first syllable ("ahh"), project the Kethric Light down from Kether, to Chokmah, then over to Binah, then down to Tiphareth, and ending in Malkuth.  Prolong the aleph as necessary.

The second syllable ("don") is said quickly.  The Kethric Light, having struck Malkuth, now erupts upward in a swirling cloud of rainbow-hued light.

The final syllable ("eye") is prolonged until the end of the available breath.  During this time, the swirling Rainbow Light of Adonai becomes radiant and the channel between it and Kether flows powerfully with the Kethric Light.

Take at least one entire breath (inhale and exhale) without speaking and spend it strengthening your visualization.

With your next inhale, gather the Kethric Light-infused Rainbow Light of Adonai, and as you exhale, speak the words RBVNV ShL OVLM ("master of the universe").  Use your entire breath in speaking this phrase, prolonging the final Mem as necessary.  As you speak, visualize the Rainbow Light spreading outward in all directions from you.  As it radiates out into the universe, feel it permeating each and every thing it encounters.

Spend at least one breath (inhale and exhale), silently absorbed in this visualization.  To finish, inhale and then with your exhale, speak the word AMN ("truth; faith").  Use your entire breath, prolonging the final nun as necessary.  As you speak, feel the completeness of the Kethric Light's permeation of all things.  Let the flow from Kether to Adonai and out to the universe be steady, strong and concrete.

Inhale and with your exhale release your visualization.  Resume your normal breathing and normal bodily awareness.

Each word you speak should carry a specific tone and manifest a certain rhythm.  The notes are dependant upon your natural vocal range, and the rhythm is dependant upon the natural pace of your breathing.  The notes for the five speaking breaths are--

Breath #1: As you speak the first aleph, you start at your lowest note and climb smoothly upward along your range till you reach a comfortable high note.  The Nun and the Yod are pronounced at this high pitch.

Breath #2: The words "Yod Heh Vav Heh" which follow are also spoken at this high pitch.

Breath #3: With the first aleph of "Adonai", you start again at your lowest note and slide upward to your highest.  The second and third syllables are pronounced at this high note.

Breath #4: The word "ribono" is said at the high tone; "shel" is said at the lowest note; and, "olam" is said at a middle note between the two.

Breath #5: The closing "amen", starts from the lowest note and climbs with the aleph to the highest.  The second syllable is said at this high note.


I recommend that the non-speaking breaths number either 5 or 8, bringing the grand total to either 10 or 13 breaths.

Practice this exercise daily until you are completely comfortable with it and can perform it with facility.  This discipline will eventually bring your mental and astral bodies into conformity with the visualized IHVH-ADNI structure.  Each sphere and the passage of the Kethric Light between each, will become actual aspects of your finer bodies.

The path of IHVH ADNI --

This is the natural way of things:  The Ayin Soph Aur constricts and becomes the ANI; the ANI creates the Yod; the Yod creates the first Heh; the IH creates the Vav; the IHV creates the final Heh; the IHVH creates the ADNI; the IHVH-ADNI (IAHDVNHI) creates, permeates, sustains, is all things in our sequential universe.

This way of things is constant, never-failing, eternal.  There has not ever been, nor will there ever be, a time when this is not the way of things.  The root cause of this way lies in a realm which encompasses and causes the whole of time.  This archetype exists beyond the influence of time, yet permeates all of time's infinite span.

This natural way of things is so integral a part of our experience, so much a part of our mechanisms of perception and of the objects we perceive, that we have naturally become blind to it.  We are, so to speak, so enchanted with the infinite variety of trees that we do not notice the underlying ecosystem sustaining our forest.  Nonetheless, we and the trees and all the great variety of things, exist only because of this underlying way of things -- we are, each and all, manifestations of this way.  Not only are we each created by it, we are each creating it.  We and the way are inseparable.

Our manifestation of the natural way of things occurs with or without our conscious, intentional participation.  Yet when we do turn our individual awareness to this natural way and learn to consciously participate in its manifestation, there occurs a powerful mending of the disparity between our daily self-awareness and the Unity of all being.  This act of conscious participation, clears the eternal channels of the Kethric Light coming into the present moment of our sequential, time-space universe.

When the channels are cleared through the diligent application of focused awareness, and the Kethric Light flows strongly from the eternal to the present moment, a gate opens within the human heart upon a path which leads upward along the flow of Light.

Leaving behind your physical and astral bodies, this path will lead to Tiphareth.  Here you must look down upon your bodies and sense the entire flow of your present incarnation.  This is the Vav which exists throughout time but does not encompass it.  Throughout its span of time, it projects itself over and over into material existence.  Each incarnation is experienced as a sequence of present moments.  In Tiphareth, you must strive to see all the incarnations that have transpired (including your present one) since the birth of your Individual-Vav self.

When you have seen all your lives and know your Individual self, you must, as the ancients put it, "choose life", and actively return to your astral and physical bodies.  You must then consciously manifest your knowledge of your Individual self in the present moment of your current incarnation.  This further clears the channel of Light between the Vav and the Heh, effectively uniting them.  When the VH is realized, a gate opens in the heart of the Individual self, upon a path which leads upward along the flow of Light.

As your VH, return to your Tiphareth (awareness of which is by now constant) and look upwards along the flow of Light toward Binah.  There appears a veil between you and Binah which obscures your vision.  You can rise along the Light only a limited distance before the veil stops your progress.

There is only one way to penetrate this veil.  You must rise along the Light as far as you can and then return with it to your physical incarnation.  You must thoroughly integrate this Light into the Individual, Personal and Physical aspects of your being.  For each amount of Light you manifest, an equal measure more will be granted to your next rise.  At first this is a slow and difficult process, but with persistence, the veil is penetrated.

The rise along the Light is not a constant progression of small increments.  There are several quantum leaps toward understanding that will be encountered as you journey this path.  Each leap will radically clarify your understanding and vision.

The first leap will show you the differences between Tiphareth and Binah, and will lift a primary layer off the veil.  While the VH exists within the realm of sequence and time, Binah causes and encompasses the whole infinity of sequence/time.  Binah is a non-sequentialized realm which gives birth to sequence  It causes and is the sequential realm, but experiences this sequentiality, non-sequentially.

The understanding of these essential differences opens a gate of light along the path, illuminating your way to the second leap.  This leap will show you the similarities between the first Heh of Binah and the VH.  This is consummated by a vision of the tapestry of commonality which weaves together the whole infinite number of Individual selves.  [This is only a vision, and only of a symbolic representation of the Unity's manifestation, but it serves to show you the essential connections.  This should not, despite its intensity and power, be confused with the actual experience of the Unitary consciousness.]

The vision of the commonality lifts a second layer of the veil and brings you to a sturdy, closed gate, blocking the path.  The key which unlocks this similarity-gate is your understanding of the essential differences.

The path beyond this gate leads to your third and final leap.  To trod this path requires that you let go of both similarities and differences.  You must rise above even your own self-awareness as an Individual and merge with all the infinite number of other Individuals.  Together, we are Binah.  This third leap is from a sequential self-awareness to a non-sequential awareness which perceives the whole of sequence within itself.

This brings you to the dark shore of Binah and further clears the channel of Light between the first Heh and the VH, effectively uniting them.

The unification of HVH brings your awareness to an eternal perspective.  Your Individual work is placed in a infinitely larger context.  The work itself is no longer sequential -- only the manifestation of it is.

As you manifest this eternal Light within the layers of time and space, the dark shores of Binah brighten with the Light of the Yod.  Truly, the connection to the Yod and the ANI occur -- in time/space terms -- simultaneous with the realization of Binah.  It is only the transition from the eternal level of awareness to the sequential level which makes it seem, from the sequential perspective, as if the journey from the HVH to the Yod and on to the ANI, takes a span of time.  It truly takes no time to occur, but at the same time, its manifestation is sequential and therefore requires a span of time to fulfill itself.

From our sequential perspective, this shift from HVH to the Yod is best illustrated by the differences and similarities between the two words understanding and wisdom.  Understanding is a process -- a gateway through which we seek out threads of commonality and differentiation.  In Binah we connect with the ability to understand any thing we focus our attention upon.  The instant at which the nascent Binah understanding realizes that it secretly understands all things simultaneously, the innate quality of wisdom emerges.  Wisdom is an inherent power, a formless force which manifests as understanding.  But wisdom is not itself a process in the way that understanding is.  Wisdom encompasses understanding and experience, manifesting itself spontaneously, practically, and completely.

Wisdom comes when, through experience, understanding encompasses itself.  This happens, as I have said, beyond the ken of time and manifests as a further clearing of the channel of Light between the Yod and the HVH, effectively uniting them.  The IHVH shares simultaneously in the Unitary consciousness of ANI and the downward focused HVH-Binah consciousness.  It consciously integrates the Unity into the manifest ADNI.  This is symbolized by IAHDVNHI, the true RBVNV ShL OVLM.

The labor of IHVH ADNI --

Consciously manifesting this visualized passage of Kethric Light through mundane actions, is an essential step toward truly conforming your astral body to the mental impress.  Permanent change manifests in the astral body only when that change reaches down into the substantive level of one's physical life.  If the Kethric Light is not brought down solidly into Malkuth (the mundane realm of your day-to-day life), little real change in the astral body will result -- your harvest will be ungraspable, insubstantial things of air.

Working with the downward flow of Light and tending to its completion, is just as important as pursuing the upward path toward ultimate Unity.  The one supports the other and either alone leads to instability.  The work with the downward flow into manifestation must therefore be engaged simultaneous with the journey upward.

This work bears the fruit of the upward journey and constitutes the lesser magic of IHVH-ADNI:

The First Work

When you have reached the stage of facility with the IHVH-ADNI visualization in which the visualization comes easily to you (i.e., the initial conformation of your mental body), turn your attention to the pause between "Adonai" and "ribono shel olam".  Lengthen the time of this pause and meditate deeply upon the Rainbow Light of Adonai.

This is the covenant between Force (sunlight) and Form (water vapor), showing itself (rainbow).  It represents the immanent, creative manifestation of the Kethric Light.

As you meditate, strive to become at one with the Rainbow Light.  Strive to feel its creative power and radiance as your own.  Each repetition of this meditation will bring you closer into alignment with the Rainbow Light, but it will likely take quite a span of dedicated effort to achieve a complete union.

At the end of each meditation, regardless of your level of unification with the Rainbow Light, speak the words "ribono shel olam" with your conjoined self-ADNI awareness.  Strive to feel the resultant radiation of Light into the universe as your own self moving outward into your own self.  Permeate your universe-self with your IHVH-ADNI-self.

Practice this meditation over and over until you reach a genuine state of union with the Rainbow Light and IHVH-ADNI.  It took me nearly three years of persistent effort with this meditation, to pass from the conformation of my mental body, to conformation of my astral body and the initial union with the Rainbow Light.  It will take you a span of time commensurate with your effort and abilities -- perhaps shorter than my span, perhaps longer.  Each person is unique in this.

The Second Work

As you progress toward union with the Rainbow Light, you will experience the profound IHVH-ADNI energy.  At first it will be just a miniscule contact with its immensity.  When you sense this energy, focus your attention upon it.  Feel the quality and the quantity of it.

Working again within the breaths between "Adonai" and "ribono shel olam", pause to meditate upon this energy.  Define, as I said, the quality and quantity of the energy you sense at that moment.  Now repeat the words and visualization from "Ani" through "Adonai", and double the quantity of the energy you sense.  As you reaffirm the visualization from within the visualization, strive to consciously double your contact with this energy.

Work with this doubling of your tolerance and contact, until you are comfortable with both levels and the process as a whole.  Next, work by the same means at tripling the amount of energy.  To do this, you will perform the words and visualizations from "Ani" through "Adonai", three times in total.  Each repetition is to add an equal quantity of energy to the mix.

Each time you speak the subsequent words, "ribono" through "Amen", consciously radiate the energy you've accumulated with as complete a unification with the self-ADNI awareness as you can in that moment manifest.

When you reach comfort and facility with this triple invocation of energy, strive to accumulate the triple quantity of energy within a single speaking of "Ani" through "Adonai".  When you master this, work at doubling and then tripling this new quantity, and so on.

As you increase both your tolerance and your depth of contact with this energy you will be supporting the process of achieving a true union with the Rainbow Light.  However, the IHVH-ADNI energy and self-awareness is infinite and cannot therefore, be reached incrementally -- there is simply not enough time to complete an infinite number of sequential increments.  One begins incrementally and eventually reaches a point where there is a quantum leap in consciousness -- from the sequential orientation, to the non-sequential wholeness of true union.

The Third Work

Another support to the process of unification is to formulate a prayer at the end of your pause between "Adonai" and "ribono".  As you speak the rest of the phrase, radiate your prayer along with the Kethric Light.  Tinge the Light with your prayer and let it be a manifestation of the IHVH-ADNI self-awareness.  See how the universe conforms itself to this prayer.

Note whether or not and to what degree your will actually manifests as the days, months and years  proceed.  Learn from this constant self-examination, the ways in which your will is an extension of the IHVH-ADNI will.  You will find that you are effective only when your personal willings participate with the divine will.  This will lead you along the path toward conforming your will to the divine will.

As you progress toward unity, your will will slowly come into harmony with that of IHVH-ADNI.  The moment of first union itself, will be marked by your personal will coinciding perfectly with the will of IHVH-ADNI.  At that moment you are IHVH-ADNI, but infinitely more importantly, IHVH-ADNI is you.  At that moment, personal will is transcended and the personal suddenly encompasses the infinity of all being.  Your lips become the lips of IHVH-ADNI and you speak with One voice.  This is so sublime a state of awareness that there is no room for the petty concerns of personal will.  Or rather, One's sense of personal will encompasses the simultaneous experience of all personal willings -- there is still self-awareness, but that Aware Self encompasses all of Its infinite manifestations equally, completely and non-sequentially.