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TMO: The Magic of IHVH-ADNI

I wrote the original Attending the Unity article in February of 1998 [the text version of which can be found by clicking here], but it wasn't until early March of 2002 that I began recording the audio Lessons in The Magic of IHVH-ADNI series.  The final Lesson Nine was recorded on July 16th, 2003.

To quote the opening paragraph of Attending the Unity --
          "This is the magic of combining IHVH with ADNI as I know it and practice it.  I learned this magic from one whose Name will forever be unspoken.  After 10 years of practice, I have been granted the words to tell you of this sacred magic.  But instead of telling it as I learned it, I will tell it as I have come to understand it -- I will tell it with my own words and in my own way."

The Magic of IHVH-ADNI is focused around a Hebrew kabbalistic phrase which is spoken musically, almost in the manner of singing.  It is "canted", so to speak, but in a magical way involving mental, astral and physical utterance.  To this three-body speech is added the visualization of specific energy movements which occur in sync with the canticle.

"Lesson One: Pronunciation, Tonality and Rhythm", introduces the Hebrew canticle.  Obviously, it teaches you how to "cant" it with the proper pronunciation, tonality and rhythm.

"Lesson Two: Three-Part Magical Speech", instructs in first, the silent mental utterance; then the whispered astra-mental utterance; and finally, the combined physical utterance aloud.

"Lesson Three: Energetics", instructs in the energetic manipulations that accompany the utterance of the canticle.

"Lesson Four: Applications", provides practical instruction on how to put this magic to use.

"Lesson Five: Creating a Triple Shield", continues the theme of practical application by leading the participant through the process of creating their own triple-shield (I.e., a three-part shield which simultaneously envelopes the mental, astral and physical bodies).

"Lesson Six: Consciousness Raising", introduces an entirely different mago-mystical usage of The Magic of IHVH-ADNI.  Here it is used to navigate the levels of one's own Self.

"Lesson Seven: Setting the Tone of the Temporal Moment", expands further upon the consciousness raising technique and applies it to creating harmonious conditions for the realization of a chosen goal.  Here are introduced two important techniques -- sending the Adonai Light out, into the fabric of time and anchoring the Light upon a desired goal.

"Lesson Eight: Healing From Afar", extends the techniques of sending the Adonai Light out and of anchoring it, and applies them to the work of healing.  Here, the Adonai Light is sent out into the material substance of the temporal present moment, instead of into the fabric of time.  Furthermore, the Adonai Light is anchored upon a physical person and is used as a link by which one's mental presence is transported to their location.

"Lesson Nine: The Blessing of IHVH-ADNI", is the final Lesson in the audio series.  Here, the practitioner learns how to share the benefits of this sacred magic by conferring the Blessing of IHVH-ADNI upon another.  This is an example of the highest use of the techniques of consciousness raising, of sending out the Adonai Light and of anchoring it within the temporal moment.

Additional information about TMO can be found at --
      Attending The Unity
      TMO Final Form
      TMO and the Self-Healing Archaeous
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      Audio CDs of the nine TMO lessons

The Magic of IHVH-ADNI Audio Files

[Each .zip file contains the .mp3 audio recording and .pdf script file.]

Lesson One: Pronunciation, Tonality and Rhythm (TMO-1.zip)
Run Time 08:34
File Size:  4.8 MB   
[Polish Version 4.1 MB]

Lesson Two: Three-Part Magical Speech (TMO-2.zip)
Run Time 09:39
File Size:  5.4 MB   
[Polish Version 4.4 MB]

Lesson Three: Energetics (TMO-3.zip)
Run Time 17:01
File Size:  9.5 MB   
[Polish Version 7.4 MB]

Lesson Four: Applications (TMO-4.zip)
Run Time 18:39
File Size:  10.3 MB   
[Polish Version 8.6 MB]

Lesson Five: Creating a Triple Shield (TMO-5.zip)
Run Time 17:42
File Size:  9.8 MB   
[Polish Version 8.0 MB]

Lesson Six: Consciousness Raising (TMO-6.zip)
Run Time 32:26
File Size:  17.9 MB   
[Polish Version 14 MB]

Lesson Seven: Setting the Tone of the Temporal Moment (TMO-7.zip)
Introduction:   Run Time 19:21
Practice:   Run Time 23:17
File Size:  23.4 MB 
[Polish Version 7.9 MB]           
[Polish Version 10 MB]

Lesson Eight: Healing From Afar (TMO-8.zip)
Introduction:   Run Time 01:50    
Practice:   Run Time 12:25
File Size:  7.9 MB 
[Polish Version  715 kb]           
[Polish Version 5.9 MB]

Lesson Nine: The Blessing of IHVH-ADNI (TMO-9.zip)
Introduction:   Run Time 04:45
Practice:   Run Time 17:55
File Size:  12.5 MB 
[Polish Version 2.1 MB]           
[Polish Version 8.7 MB]

TMO Meditation Tracks

In early 2002, I made a digital recording of myself uttering the TMO canticle to which I then added reverb and other sound-effects.  My aim was to create a recording with enough drama capable, in some small way, of communicating to the listener how it *feels* to me when I utter the canticle central to The Magic of IHVH-ADNI.  I posted the 22 second recording on my website as a continuous-loop and the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive.  So here, I offer you four tracks of this continuous-loop, each of a different duration and ideal for use in TMO meditation.

5 Minute Track  (TMO-Loop05.zip)
File Size:  2.9 MB

10 minute Track  (TMO-Loop10.zip)
File Size:  5.7 MB

20 Minute Track  (TMO-Loop20.zip)
File Size:  11.4 MB

30 minute Track  (TMO-Loop30.zip)
File Size:  17.1 MB