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A Conversation About Various "Healing" Issues

© 2004

[This started out as a fairly simple question and quickly blossomed into a wide ranging discussion, involving several different participants, about  various issues concerning "healing".  Much of the conversation centers around the work of the TMO-WG (The Magic of IHVH-ADNI Working Group) and the philosophy of true "healing".]

>> Q. can MS be treated successfully at this time by Hermetic means (given Group Karma)? <<

In this case, group karma is not an issue.

>> Q. What is the root cause of the illness, and can it protected against by persons untrained in Hermetics? <<

With most all auto-immune disease processes, the root cause can be found in the individual's reluctance to be incarnate. Generally, the person is not consciously aware of their reluctance or, if they are aware of reluctance, they seldom associate it with the manifestation of auto-immune disease.

The best protection against an auto-immune disease process is to fully engage in life, deal head-on with troublesome issues and find productive ways of de-stressing.

>> Q. Assuming it can be treated by Hermetics, any ideas what form the treatment would take? <<

Treatment must address the whole person and not just the physical manifestation. In other words, it must start at the higher levels of Self and progress downward into the physical body. For the most part, Hermetic healing is not allopathic as in *just* making an adjustment to the physical body's structure such as an allopath would do by prescribing a medication. Instead, true Hermetic healing (or true healing of any kind) addresses the root astra-mental cause *along with* the physical symptoms. If the astra-mental cause is not rectified then the physical symptoms will return even if they have been eliminated once.

In the TMO Working Group, we have devised a methodology using The Magic of IHVH-ADNI in which we descend upon our healing subjects with an accumulation of the Adonai Light, starting from their Greater Self (their eternal or Akashic mental body), then their Individual Self (their temporal mental body), then their astral body and finally, their physical body. Thus the *whole* of the incarnate person is directly involved in the healing process, not *just* their physical body. While the results are not as immediately dramatic in terms of their *physical* symptoms as would, say, taking the latest miracle drug, the effects are more permanent and life changing.

TMO aside, in terms of Bardonian Hermetic methodology, dealing with MS would require treating the patient's three bodies simultaneously. The first step would be to Fluidically balance their mental, astral and physical bodies, in that sequence. This is done by loading the appropriate halves of each body with the correct Fluid. Then the Elemental regions of each body are likewise loaded with the appropriate Element creating an Elemental *balance* throughout. This would need to be repeated often in conjunction with counseling which must be focused upon addressing the patient's unconscious reluctance to be in their bodies and living their lives. To relieve the immediate symptoms of the sclerosis, I would suggest applications of the Water and the Air Elements to the affected areas.


>> Could lymphomas (cancers of the lymphatic system) like the Hodgkin disease also be consequences of a "reluctance to be incarnate", since they are related to the immune system, and although they are not auto-immune disease per se? <<

Cancers are a bit more complex than that although 'reluctance' does play its part. I think in the vast majority of modern cancers, exposure to environmental toxins play the major role. The second most important role, when it comes to specific tumor formation and to the reformation of new tumors after an original tumor has been removed, is an emotional fixation of some sort. This is what, in many cases, focuses the cancerous cells into a specific location and into a specific tumor.

>> Till now at least, I attributed this feeling of "not being fully incarnated" to a lack in the Earth Element. It's more complicated than that, then? <<

When we speak of a lack in an Element, what we're really saying is that there is a character imbalance. The character traits *correspond*, by analogy, to the Elements. What alters our astral Elemental balance is a change of character. In other words, the cause is not the Element; but rather, it is the character traits. Thus we change our Elemental balance by changing our character, not the other way around. Imbibing the Earth Element, for example, is *helpful* in this case, but it would not create a *permanent* remedy unless the corresponding character traits are transformed.


>> It is difficult for me to understand how you associate auto-immune disease with reluctance to be incarnate. Is this something that you perceive intuitively to be correct or is it associated with ancient teachings <<

It is what *I* perceive, regardless of teachings on the matter, ancient or modern. :)

>> I wish you would elucidate more fully on this subject. Why is the auto-immune system the target? <<

The auto-immune system isn't the "target" per se. Rather, it is one area in which this astral-mental reluctance will manifest within the physical body. Do you understand the difference here? Just as your liver wasn't the "target" of your anger, but was where your anger manifested in your physical body.

The immune system is supposed to protect our body from foreign organisms that would otherwise harm us. With auto-immune disease, the immune system sees the components of the body itself as being a foreign substance. In other words, the immune system seeks to end the body's life instead of preserve it.

>> It would be difficult for me to conceive of any physical manifestation of imbalance to not include the emotional and mental elements. However, it would be difficult to determine which came first. <<

The question of which came first is irrelevant since they are, in essence, inseparable. Thoughts affect emotions and vise a versa, and both affect material substance (albeit, emotions affect material substance more directly and more dramatically).

>> Ancient teachings make reference to the emotional body being the major contributor to physical imbalance and thoughts having less contribution than people might think. <<

This is a deceptive statement. Emotions have an immediate affect upon the physical body because the are more akin (energetically) to material substance than are (normal) thoughts. But the causal root of every emotion is a complex of thoughts and patterns of thinking. Emotions do not exist without thoughts and thinking -- they are (normally) the avenue by which thoughts impact the material substance of our physical bodies. However, Hermetics teaches us that thoughts, given enough conscious intention, can directly affect material substance without the intermediary of emotion.

>> A reluctance to be incarnate certainly would involve the emotional body in that one might be dissatisfied with their life and circumstances and not know how to roll with the punches. I can see from that angle how the auto-immune system would be affected. It puzzles me when I think of how a particular emotion affects specific organs or systems. <<

An emotion manifests as a dense astral energy that is very close in type to the energy that inhabits material substance. It is so close in type that the affect upon material substance is almost immediate (and in some cases, is immediate). This is especially true with the physical body. For example, when you are embarrassed, you will *immediately* blush.

The "energy signatures" of specific emotions share an affinity with the "energy signatures" of specific organs within the human body; or rather, their energies are more similar than with the other energies that manifest within the whole physical structure. For example, the emotional energetic of anger is very similar to the physical energetic of your liver. :) Therefore, your anger has a greater, more direct affect upon your liver function than on the rest of your body. Although this is not to say that anger has no affect elsewhere in your body as it can also be destructive to your adrenals, blood pressure, etc., depending upon *how you manage your anger*.

>> We are so much in the habit of lying to ourselves through justifying our inner contradictions, that we hardly ever desire to get at the root cause of our problems. <<

Yes, it is the nature of the sub-conscious psyche (but not of the consciously transformed psyche) to always protect the status quo, so to speak. The habit of *not* confronting the truth of our inner self is what keeps the psyche below our awareness or *sub-* conscious.

>> I would think that the major aim of all hermetic students would be to learn how to control their passions and emotions and be happy with what life has given them, and realize that true happiness comes from the inside and does not come from outside events coinciding with one's desires and wants. <<

Yes, and here is where the structure of training that Bardon presented shines so brightly in my opinion. He focused *first* upon attaining the astral Equilibrium. Without the astral Equilibrium (i.e., the understanding of emotions and the mental discipline of them -- what you are calling "control"), one fixates only (or at least, primarily) upon the emotional significance of what one experiences instead of perceiving its essential meaning. This leads to thinking some things are significant when in fact they aren't, and vise a versa, to underestimating or missing entirely the things that are the most meaningful of all.


>> What I have started exploring recently is called "Pranic Healing". Pranic comes from the word "Prana" or "Chi", referring to life energy/force. Pranic Healing thus pertains to the ability to (positively) manipulate the energy body of another human being such that a degree of energetic equilibrium is achieved. <<

I'm glad to hear you're working with this. :) I imagine you'll be very good at it.

It is interesting to me to compare the technique that the TMO Working Group (TMO-WG) has developed, with that of Pranic Healing. When the TMO-WG works together, we unite at an Akashic level as, what we've come to call, the WGE (Working Group Entity). When we are united in this way, we are not acting individually or personally, but rather are functioning *as* the WGE. This means that our work can span the *whole* of our subject. We encompass their eternal-mental body (their Greater Self and thus their HGA), their temporal-mental body (their Individual Self), their astral body (their emotional structure) and their physical body, with an accumulation of the Adonai Light, which has been tailored to them specifically.

When we create our accumulation of the Adonai Light, we do so *as* the WGE. This means that our accumulation exists on all the same levels at which the WGE exists (Greater, Individual and personal levels) and is thus effective at all those levels of our subject, simultaneously. At the level of the energetic body that Pranic Healing deals with, the Adonai Light contains *all* of the colors or qualities of Light that Pranic Healing wields. It also contains a similar rainbow of Light at the astral, mental and Akashic levels of the subject, thus affecting those levels of their being in the same manner as Pranic Healing does the energetic body.

We have also fairly recently begun working with a liquid Fluid Condenser, using a classic Bardon recipe. :) What we do is, working *as* the WGE in special session (i.e., separate from our regular schedule of healing sessions), we create a VERY powerful accumulation of the Adonai Light, specific to a particular subject, and condense it into the small little bottle of Fluid Condenser. Then we mail it to the subject with instruction on dosage, etc. We use completely harmless ingredients so our subjects take it orally, like a standard tincture. We are finding that this *physical* addition to our technique "anchors" the Adonai Light in their physical structure, prolongs the effectiveness of our weekly sessions with our subjects and improves their healing on every level.

The greatest difference between our TMO-WG work and Pranic Healing (and many other approaches, for that matter) is, I think, philosophical. Most importantly, when working *as* the WGE, the TMO-WG does not dictate what the subject does with the Adonai Light. In other words, the WGE merely *provides* the Adonai Light at all the levels of the subject's being, and it is up to the wisdom and will of the *subject's own HGA and Individual Self* to direct the Light where and how it is truly needed. By working in this way, we do not in any way interfere with the subject's karma, nor do we create or incur any personal karmic debt for the individual members of the TMO-WG. Instead, we *support* and *encourage* the subject's own natural healing process -- never do we seek to supplant it. We work within a very strict sense of Legality.

Another difference along these philosophical lines is that the TMO-WG only works *with* subjects who are willing to participate in their own self-healing. And of course, unlike most healers these days, we work for no charge or indebtedness of any kind. In fact, when payments are offered we express our appreciation for the kind thought and politely decline. :) We believe in giving for the sake of giving and for the sake of how much brighter it makes our world, bit by little bit.


>> I too have taken up Pranic Healing, and will soon be a registered Pranic Healer and plan to do it full time. <<

Good for you. :)

>> First I would like to say that I do not think that Karmic debt is a problem for a healer. If I work on a patient I do so with loving-kindness and compassion. If the patients Karma is such that he must die, I will not be able to heal him at any rate. At the most I will be able to ease suffering. Karmic debt will then be positive for me. <<

We fear disease and fear witnessing another suffer, so we tend to think of illness and suffering as a negative things that must be obliterated as soon as possible and by whatever means available. However, from a perspective of Universal Legality, illness is a gift that is meant to teach us an important karmic lesson that we have not been able to learn in the absence of disease. A healer interferes with a patient's karma the moment they remove the symptoms of disease without assuring that the patient does indeed learn the lesson that the disease was meant to teach them. If the patient does not learn the karmic lesson then what the "healer" has done is taken away an opportunity for the patient's growth.  That specific opportunity that the "healer" has taken away was the most appropriate way that was available for the patient to learn their karmic lesson. This means that the patient will still have to learn that lesson, either by other means or by a recurrence of the same disease that the "healer" has just treated.

From a Legalistic perspective, true healing occurs when the subject has learned the karmic lesson that the disease is intended to teach. So in effect, when only the symptoms of disease are eliminated and the lesson is thus avoided (albeit, temporarily) the evolution of the patient has been slowed or diverted. This does incur a karmic debt for the "healer".

>> My charging money, and your TMO group not accepting money is less about philosophy, and more about practicality. <<

To my mind, issues of practicality are where questions of philosophy are the most important. Claims of practicality should not be used as an excuse to ignore philosophy. :) This would be the same as saying that the ends justify the means.

>> I have spent a long time pondering the subject, and I have now started to charge money for healing. My fee is much less than other healers, and if the patient cannot afford, I do it for free. Most of my patients have a hunger for spiritual advancement, and I do sometimes spend hours with them, and I feel strongly that I cannot receive money for that. For me to be a great healer I have to heal on a regular basis. By that I mean full time. And working on my own progress is also a full time affair. I need not say more:) As healer I am rendering a service, and am entitled to compensation. I have very real costs as I have to travel. And the courses I take to become a better healer is not cheap. <<

Your decisions and the rationale you use to justify them are your business, not mine, and I'm *not* standing in judgment of them. :)

>> As TMO working group is a service you render after hours, and not the work you do, It would be inappropriate to make money. <<

That has nothing to do with our decision.

>> If a patient does offer money, would it not perhaps be more appropriate to gracefully accept, and then donate the money to a worthwhile charity. Then the patient has been able to sow, and your group has incurred positive karma, as you have channeled the money for good? <<

To my mind, all that this would accomplish is a reinforcement of the capitalist ethic of "you get what you pay for". Instead, when we decline payment, we are promoting a different ethic that says there are folks who exist with motivations other than making a buck, folks who choose to give simply because they can and not for personal gain. It places our interaction on an entirely different footing -- that of simple human kindness and sharing. Kindness and sharing are actions that multiply positivity in the world.

>> When healing for free one also has to be on guard as not to feel morally and spiritually superior to those who do charge. <<

For the TMO-WG, feelings of superiority have no place in our work and what others do or do not do has no relevance to what we do. Our healing work is not about *us* -- it is about our subjects.


>> I thank you for your kindness and great replies Rawn. You always make me think:) <<

:) Oh good. The *only* reason I challenge anyone's statements here on BardonPraxis is in order to encourage thinking! :) Developing our powers of thinking, of discernment, analysis and introspection are absolutely essential to our progress along the Hermetic path of initiation. I cannot state the importance of this strongly enough!

My challenges are not meant as judgmentalistic pronouncements and I always hope they are not taken that way. :) But at the same time, I do recognize that my phrasing *can* be mistaken exactly that way and that is a risk I take. I just wish that my tone of voice, rhythm of speech, facial, hand and body gestures and innate humor could also be crammed into these, ever so finite, typed words! ;-) I guess that only those who know me personally can "hear and see" all that by reading my words.

>> Not many people would be able to see what the patients karma is. And not all disease is due to karma. So what right do I have to go around starting to guess about what is caused by karma, and what not. <<

My point is that *everything* that happens in our lives is due to karma. Disease is karma shouting at us in the only voice we can hear in that moment. :) And it is the point at which it is most important that the karmic lesson is looked for and pursued, simply because it is Divine Providence handing us an opportunity on a silver platter, so to speak.

I think perhaps you are defining "karma" as only the truly major things that arise in life or only those issues that stretch back through past incarnations. I think that is a very Western over-simplification (or rather, a mis-simplification) of what karma really is. Each action creates a consequence and karma, simply put, is our *responsibility* for the consequences of each of our actions, no matter how small. We can easily recognize the "negative karma" of our big goofs, but seldom do we recognize the cumulative karma of all the small goofs or that of all the positive, "right" actions we take.

A common cold for example, provides an opportunity to learn a lesson about taking care of oneself, about getting the proper rest and about managing stress. And the reason this lesson is presented in the form of a cold is because of the accumulated "negative" karma of having ignored our self-care, our stress management, etc. Having a cold (ideally) *forces* the person to address these issues. Granted, we can obliterate the symptoms of a cold by taking a remedy or simply ignore it, but unless we learn and incorporate the karmic lesson of the cold, we will remain susceptible to catching yet another cold. :)

>> I take it that you meant that Pranic Healing does not conform to Universal Legality? I do not agree. The healer cannot interfere with the patients karma. No amount of healing I do will cure a patient if his illness is due to his karma that has not been worked out. <<

My point, specifically, is that manipulation of a patient's energy body alone, does not address the whole of the patient. When only the symptom of disease is affected, the patient misses an opportunity to learn the karmic lesson *through* the experience of those symptoms. In effect, the healer has robbed the patient of an opportunity to truly find curation and the final resolution of the karmic issue at hand. This means that the patient will have to learn the same karmic lesson by other means or by recurrence of the disease. The "Lords of Karma" demand that this process be repeated until the karmic lesson is learned.

In other words, *any* therapeutic practice that focuses exclusively on just the elimination of symptoms and does not engage with resolving the karmic lesson, does not conform with Legality. Furthermore, according to the Law of Karma, the practice of such a modality incurs a responsibility on the part of the practitioner for the consequences inherent to postponing the natural fulfillment of the patient's karma.

This does not mean that Pranic Healing itself does not conform with Legality -- it is only a technique and as a technique, its principles are obviously based upon an awareness of Universal Legality. Where the question of Legality arises is with its *practice*. Is the *practitioner* helping the patient address the karmic lesson inherent to disease, in addition to the Pranic treatment of their energy body? If so, then Legality is satisfied, but if not, then karmic responsibility is incurred.

>> And as a healer one discusses these issues with a patient. I talk to the patient and try to determine the cause of the illness. It is discussed that if certain changes are not made then the illness might recur. I teach them about introspection and meditation etc. It is up to the patient to then change and learn. <<

Well, there you go then! :) You are doing your best to conform with Karmic Legality.

>> I must add that if I know what the problem is, and I know that the patient is unwilling to learn and change, then I would consider withholding treatment. I have recently had a case like that with family. <<

The TMO-WG had a similar case, fairly early on in our work together. :) We learned from working with this person that we were wasting our time and their time. So now, unless a subject is willing to participate (to whatever degree they are capable) we won't consider working with them.

>> My point is that if I do not ask money, then the bank will repossess my car, I could not buy fuel to go heal, and my son and I would die of hunger:) I did not seek support for my view, or care if anyone wants to pass judgment:) I just stated a point of view:) <<

Good. :) I think it's wise to be in touch will the real, gut-level self-preservation issues of survival when it comes to charging other people for things. If only a few corporate executives and politicians had this baseline awareness, our world might be a more humane place. ;-)

>> Worrying about incurring karmic debt in this case would be like worrying about incurring karmic debt every time one steps on an ant by accident:) <<

;-) I bet most ants would disagree with your perspective!


>> I had no idea your TMO-WG had begun delving into Healing. That's great to hear, and after reading your post, I think you're on to something quite revolutionary; although as usual, it sounds way beyond me at this point.

What we call "healing" is really what E. just described [Note: This was in reference to another post that I haven't included here.] as helping or assisting folks in their own process of healing. Nor has it always involved what one would think of as "healing" per se, or at least it hasn't always had to do with illness. For example, we helped one fellow overcome some difficulties he was experiencing with the Step One mental exercises. From the outset, this has been the venue we've worked with to develop an effective technique and it has been the context in which we've evolved as a working group.

BTW, this would not be "way beyond" you. :)

>> I find the idea of healing in group interesting, but I 'question' somewhat the effectiveness or methodology in the case of your group, because I am not sure I quite understand. a) How would one who is already a great healer benefit or increase the overall healing effectiveness when you create a 'mixing pot' of healers at various levels lower than he and who may make errors such as sending the wrong kind of energy for whatever reason (lack of concentration, person was feeling ill or angry that day but sent energy anyway). <<

There are two issues here. Number one is that when we come together as a group, we become the WGE. We do not act individually or personally other than the act of coming together. Instead, it is the WGE who acts. Number two is that the WGE (or even any *group* working that doesn't involve the WGE) can generate an exponentially greater charge of the Adonai Light than an individual working alone, no matter how advanced they are.

>> b) I am not sure I understand why you suggest that the *whole* of the subject can only be addressed by a group of healers. Are you only suggesting this because at present not a single member is advanced enough to deal with all parts of the subject/patient at once? <<

I wasn't suggesting that *only* a group can address the whole person. :) An individual working with TMO can do this as well. It depends upon the technique being used, not the number of folks working.

>> c) Or (in continuation of 'b)', why couldn't a single healer even if not advanced, deal with all parts in succession? Sure it might take more time than splitting it up in a group, but I would also assume that a healing as complete as what you describe would need to be done in sequential steps. E.G. A surgeon doesn't give everyone a different tool at the operating table and say... ok on the count of 3, everybody use their tool (cutting knifes, heart monitors, sowing needles, etc) at the same time and we should be out of here in less than 1 minute. *grin*. I know you don't work as a group to save time per se, but rather to address as much of the subject/patient as possible, but the simultaneous part is throwing me off. <<

:) Yes, it is difficult to comprehend and equally difficult to describe with clarity. In essence, the WGE works upon all levels of the subject simultaneously and yes, it does happen in a flash, or rather, time is of little concern and depends solely upon the perspective of the observer. The WGE exists outside of time so its work in the temporal realm can be instantaneous.

Believe me, when we first discovered the WGE level of our group awareness we were very surprised and it has taken us some months to become accustomed to this sort of working.

>> This is one of the things that make me think your healing approach sounds far more complete than Pranic Healing. I have to say you sure make it sound very simple, but I get the feeling it is anything but simple. In Pranic Healing when you really study it, you begin to realize that it is anything but simple. In addition to having to understand in great detail how the energy body functions, and needs to be worked on in what order and how and with what colours and intensity etc, you also have to understand how what you do at the energy level ends up affecting the physical body result in a tangible cure. This means, you also have to have a good understanding of physical anatomy and how it correlates to the energy body. In other words, I can see how at times it might be necessary to have the knowledge of both a Western Doctor & a Esoterical Healer (working at the Energy body level). When you then add 3 more levels like astral, mental and akashic... I'm thinking, Woah!! (as in, that sounds extremely complete, but potentially highly complex that makes me wonder who at what level would be truly prepared to use that healing methodology). <<

Here again, the emergence of the WGE level of awareness in combination with the inclusion of the subject's HGA and Individual Self, is all important to our work. We *individually* don't have to know anything since the HGA and Individual Self of the subject know *exactly* what *needs* to be done with the Light to affect healing. For them and for the WGE level of awareness, these issues do not require rational thought -- they are a matter of instinct and of following (actually, harmonizing with) Legality.

One of the greatest barriers to establishing the WGE level of awareness (or rather, to letting that level of awareness emerge) was our individual attachments to the personalized level of thinking and doing that you describe. As soon as we were able to collectively let go of our need to personally direct the action of the Adonai Light and personally make all the decisions as to what is the right thing to be doing with it, the WGE *spontaneously* emerged.

The WGE harmonizes with and assists the subject's HGA and Individual Self while the subject's HGA&Individuality direct the Adonai Light to where it is needed and in the way it is needed. In other words, we are tapping into the subject's highest level of their capacity for self-healing.

When we first began working *as* the WGE, we had a great deal of difficulty perceiving what the WGE, HGA and Individuality were doing with the Adonai Light. In fact, at a personal level, many of us felt like bystanders. :) Our sessions took just a few minutes of real-time to complete and passed in a blur. However, with repeated experience we have begun to be able to perceive what transpires and it is indeed VERY complex. The actions that are carried out with the Light very much resemble Pranic Healing, but on all four levels of the subject's being.

At a personal level we are learning a lot, but the WGE already *knows* because it is capable of harmonizing with what *is* and doesn't need to think about what to do.

>> I was under the impression your WGE was a collective of people over the internet working from their own homes, but are you then gathering together to create your physical concoctions, or do you each still work from your individual homes mentally/astrally etc to affect the physical fluid condenser at a particular location? <<

Physically, we currently span the width of the North American continent and work with subjects that physically span the globe, so meeting all in one place physically has proven impractical. :) One of our members is a professional homeopath who is interested in Alchemy. He creates our bottles of Fluid Condenser at his home. We then meet in session as a group and astra-mentally project to his home and the physical location of the bottles of Fluid Condenser. Then, *as* the WGE, we charge the bottle with the Adonai Light, tailoring it for the specific subject. Then it is mailed to the subject. This method has proven very effective. :)

>> This whole alchemical aspect sounds fascinating. First time I have heard of any such thing. Talk about miracle drugs, haha! I can just imagine the patient receiving a eye dropper bottle of water & sugar (but jam packed with energy, astral & mental influences) and told to swallow one drop 3 times a day. Poor guy doesn't know what's coming to him! *grin* <<

;-) Actually our Condenser follows one of Bardon's simpler recipes. Chamomile tea, a homeopathic gold preparation and alcohol. Plus, of course, a VERY potent accumulation of the Adonai Light.

>> Now this sounds more like the Reiki approach. Take an extremely complex subject such as energy healing, and just greatly simplify the entire thing by wishing the energy to go to the right place where it is needed. <<

Yes, except here we are not merely wishing. In fact, we are dealing with a sentient Light and handing it over to the most sentient aspects of our subject which already *knows* what it needs.

>> I find it interesting that in Pranic Healing, as you progress in your healing ability, the treating method gets more and more complex but then when you get to the point of using the more advanced divine healing, it all collapses and becomes extremely simple yet infinitely more powerful than anything you were doing before. <<

That's interesting. It seems that the TMO-WG made this leap very early on through the emergence of the WGE. Perhaps it's a similar process, though temporally different.

> By working in this way, we do not in any way interfere with the subject's karma, nor do we create or incur any personal karmic debt for the individual members of the TMO-WG. Instead, we *support* and *encourage* the subject's own natural healing process -- never do we seek to supplant it. We work within a very strict sense of Legality. <
>> Not sure I get this. You suggest you do not want to interfere with the subject's karma, but you are acting as Healers, and by that definition you must perform positive change or you won't have healed much of anything. This of course, implies interference with the karma of the subject. Or did you just mean not negatively interfere with the karma of subject? <<

Well, let me put it this way: instead of interfering with the subject's karma by interposing what *we* *think* needs to be done, we are *harmonizing with* and *supporting* the subject's own karmic path.

>> But there's a bigger question here. On one hand you go through a lot of trouble to work on every plane and level to help this person, you go beyond any healing method I've heard of to ensure the completeness of treatment and then in the end you say you merely mean to support and encourage the subject's own "natural" healing process?? When we take a pill for a head ache, to me that is short cutting the "natural" healing process. Now if I were to take a pill that you guys created which was infused with energies from every plane imaginable and cures my cancer or whatever overnight, how is that merely encouraging the "natural" healing process? <<

;-) We'd never consider creating a silver bullet. Every body has the capacity to heal itself. Instead of forcing that healing, we are supporting and encouraging the subject's own healing process and are not trying to speed it up to match our conception of how quick it "should" be. In this regard, we are like homeopathy which also seeks to support the subject's own self-healing processes.

>> And further, since the HGA determines how much healing will be done and you guys might be putting 5 times more effort than is necessary into the healing concoction, that to me just sounds like a mostly wasted effort. Or do you consult with the subject's HGA to determine how much effort you need to put in, in the first place? <<

Working *as* the WGE, we create a large accumulation of the Adonai Light. It is just as easy to create a VERY, VERY, VERY large accumulation as it a large one so our time isn't wasted.

>> What I deem the most valuable concept in your healing method so far is that your healing method recommends the root cause of the problem to be dealt with. Sounds simple enough at first, but I get the feeling that finding the root cause to start with is anything but simple. What is the process one would have to undergo to truly understand the root cause of a patient's illness? <<

Although this is not an issue for us *personally* when working as the WGE, the way to discern a root cause of anything (including illness) is through the direct perception of essential meaning. In other words, through developing one's powers of perception. This of course, has nothing to do with intellectual understanding and the study of books, etc.

>> which begs the question of how you'd even begin to know what to prescribe as a treatment. <<

With our method, the TMO-WG doesn't prescribe anything. Although, I suppose that technically asking our subjects to ingest our Fluid Condenser could be considered prescribing.

My best to you,
:) Rawn Clark
12 April 2004

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