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More on Crowley and Bardon

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The following is more information relating to Bardon and Crowley. 

According to material from Peter Koenig ( see below ), who wrote about the 
O.T.O, Bardon wrote to Crowley to ask for permission to translate 'Magick in 
Theory and Practice' into Czech. 

Regarding Crowley's statement 'Love is the Law, love under a strong will'; 

It has been compared to St Augustine's 'Love, and do what thou wilt'. No doubt 
there are many also similar.

The following is translated and adapted from a chapter on the O.T.O. 
Protagonists in P.R. Koenig's "Das OTO Phenomenon'.. 

Franz Bardon (1.12.1909-10.7.1958) 

"Metzger was also sent to Czechoslovakia on Germer's commission to make contact 
with Bardon (for the AA) in 1956; he smuggled stuff out, which was drastically 
revised and published, first by Mano, and then by Bauer." [44] 
"Metzger even showed us photographs of him with Bardon. [Adolf] Hemberger saw 
them too." [45] 
"Herr Metzger saw B[ardon] but did not get anything from him [...] B[ardon] was 
not with the AA [...] Frau Maria Pravica was present at this visit." [46] 
"To the best of my knowledge, at that time the responsibility for things rested 
in Frau Maria Pravica's hands [...] I did find out that Herr Metzger claimed he 
owned the original manuscript of "Der Weg zum wahren Adepten" (published as 
"Initiation into Hermetics" in English), but I don't believe it, as the work 
was eventually issued by the H. Bauer Verlag." [47] 
"I have no reference to Franz Bardon as a member of the A.A., and would rather 
doubt it; all I know was that in the early 1930s he wrote to A.C. for 
permission to translate "Magick in Theory and Practice" into Czech; considering 
that his English was so bad, A.C. thought his effort was comical." [48] 
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